Guesting on Quote, Unquote

Julian Mitchell, Charlotte Green, Joanna Scanlan, Nigel Rees, Kate Fox and me, backstage at the BBC Radio Theatre

It was lovely to be invited on to this Radio 4 panel game about the world of quotations, which has been running since about 1843. 

It seems at first glance a good fit for me: it’s a quiz about what famous people said and wrote (I studied literature), it’s gently amusing, rather than competitively comedic (I’m not a stand-up), and it’s resolutely aimed at middle England (I sound like the sort of guy you’d meet in a garden centre). But I'm really not the sort of guy who don’t retain quotes! So I thought I'd really struggle. In the end, I think I did... ok. But it was really great to meet my fellow panelists, especially two women I massively admire, Joanna Scanlan and newsreading legend Charlotte Green.

Anyway, I wrote a column all about it which you can read here, and, of course, you can listen to the show - it's on 9th and 30th October (they record two episodes at once!) at 3pm on BBC Radio 4.