Tonight Matthew, I will be... Aleks Krotoski!

I'm well chuffed to have been asked to host The Guardian's Tech Weekly podcast, a show I've listened to for YEARS, over the Summer.

It's daunting taking over from the wonderful Aleks Krotoski, but I just have to be my own Mann I guess. The first episode, focussing on holiday tech, is out now and features guests from Air Bnb, TripAdvisor and USwitch. 

Update: July 2015 - After a succesful trial period I have now been unveiled as the permanent new host! Well, co-host: from October 2015 I'll be joined by Nathalie Nahai, and present the show on alternate weeks. I'm thrilled.

My new weekend show on LBC!

It's official! As my boss James Rea announced in his blog this morning, I am now the host of the weekend evening show on LBC. I'll be taking over from Ian Collins from Friday evening. I can't wait to get stuck in.

Massive thanks to all my callers from the overnight show - I hope you make the leap over with me to my new slot and tune in Fridays from 8-10pm and Saturdays from 6:30-10pm.

Our 300th episode of Answer Me This!

Hard to believe, but the little show I began with my friends Helen and Martin in their sitting room has now reached 300 episodes. To celebrate, we've delegated our question-answering to an all-star cast of guests, including Tony Blackburn, Adam Buxton, Sarah Millican, John Oliver and Josie Long:

The Media Podcast, episode one - presented by me

Good news for anyone who mourns the death of The Guardian's excellent Media Talk podcast (R.I.P. - they axed it last week): producer Matt Hill is continuing to make a fortnightly media review show. Yes, Media Talk has been re-born as... The Media Podcast. Creative title, eh? Anyway, I was thrilled to be asked to host the very first edition. 

* Update: I am now the permanent presenter of the show! You can listen each fortnight on Audioboom or iTunes.

Our Radio 4 show about podcasting

Podcasting: The First Ten Years is a two-part documentary Helen and I have made with Trevor Dann for BBC Radio 4.

Part I goes out on Friday 4th April at 11am; Part II the following Friday at 11am. Afterwards it will be on iPlayer here. It's been chosen as Critic's Choice in The Times, Sunday Times, The Guardian Guide, The Independent on Sunday, Radio Times, The Observer and the Daily Mail.

As the title would suggest, it's a look back at how the world of podcasting has developed since Ben Hammersley first coined the word 'podcast' a decade ago, and our guests include Marc Maron, Adam Curry, Richard Herring, Keith and The Girl, Nate Lanxon (Wired), Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Kranor (Welcome To Night Vale), Mignon Fogarty (Grammar Girl), John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman, Ewan Spence (ESC Insight), Jemima Kiss (Guardian), Betty InTheSky (Betty In The Sky With A Suitcase), Pete Donaldson (The Football Ramble) and Theresa Thorn (One Bad Mother).

My new job on LBC

I am thrilled to announce I am the new permanent overnight presenter on LBC 97.3, taking over from Duncan Barkes who now will host 10pm-1am. I can't wait to get cracking talking to Londoners about the stories that matter to them. You can hear me each weeknight from 1am. More details here.



Update, 1 Feb: LBC is going to go national! In ten days' time we become 'Leading Britain's Conversation' and my show will be available each night on DAB as well as online, on TV and FM.

Presenting the BAFTA podcast

This month I took over presenting duties on the excellent BAFTA Guru podcast, which is aimed at aspiring producers and filmmakers. The October episode focuses around the 4th annual screenwriting season, and features a round-up of the year's best lecturers, including David Goyer (Dark Knight Trilogy) Hossein Amini (Drive) Susannah Grant (Erin Brockovich), Tony Gilroy (The Bourne Series) and Richard Curtis (Love Actually), plus me chatting with some of the industry insiders who made up the audience at the BFI, to get their tips for breaking into the UK film industry.

Am I the new Richard Whiteley?

I spent a very exciting day today at BBC Elstree Studios - the very same studio they shot The Muppet Show, no less - hosting a new gameshow pilot for format creation company Boxatricks, founded by the clever chaps what did Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. I'm not allowed to tell you much more about it, except to say that I had a whale of a time and of course I hope it gets commissioned! Watch this space...

iPhone 5S and 5C launch - ITV Daybreak

 There's a new iPhone out today - well, two, actually  - so today I got the call to come on to Daybreak and explain exactly why it is that despite technology journalists and speculators complaining about the lack of innovation in the new handsets, Apple devotees were still prepared to queue in the rain for two days to get one...