New for 2017, I am the host of The Week Unwrapped, a weekly news and current affairs podcast produced by Rethink Audio. It's all in association with weekly news magazine The Week - a periodical to which I had long been a subscriber before they approached me to present the show! 

Each week myself and three very clever bods from The Week's digital team consider the three biggest stories of the week - not the news that's been generating the most headlines, but rather the hidden gems you might have missed from the mainstream media - the stories that aren't massively covered, yet have huge repercussions for all our lives. In our first few editions, for example, we ignored the Presidential Inauguration and talked instead about what Xi Jinping had been saying at Davos, and instead of focussing on the Brexit vote in the House of Commons turned our gaze to the rapid rise of French Presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron. It's a fascinating process, and a privilege to be able to chair the debate.

... Oh, and it's not all politics, either, in case you think that sounds boring! We cover the same broad range of areas you'd find in The Week's magazine and website, from sport to food to theatre to personality interviews. I'm loving it. 

You can subscribe to the show on iTunes here, or listen on Soundcloud here.