Dr Giles Yeo and me, November 2018

Tip The Scales - An Audible Original Series

Losing weight is one of the hardest things you can do and everyone seems to have a solution. There are new diets appearing all the time, new exercise routines, new technologies. So how do we know what to believe and why is it still so damn hard?

In 2019 I co-hosted a six-part audio series, ‘Tip The Scales’, with Dr Giles Yeo (a geneticist from Cambridge University). We investigate fad diets, healthy eating, and the influence of our genes on dietary ‘choices’. I meet truckloads of brilliant wellness and nutrition experts along the way, including Jack Monroe, Professor Sadaf Farooqi, and Dr David Katz.

It’s an entertaining, skeptical show about the world of weight-loss - and also my first crack at (co)hosting an American-style, semi-scripted documentary series, complete with music and archive clips. It is produced by Somethin’ Else.

Basically, if you’re a bit fat, and you enjoy my work, then you’ll probably like it! The show is available exclusively on Audible here. It’s free to Audible members, or available to buy for £11.37.

Interviewing Jack Monroe for ‘Tip The Scales’, August 2018